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Connects two DVI digital monitors or HDTV and broadcast simultaneously. It is HDCP compliant and its built-in video extender ensures clear and sharp images as far as 32ft away from the CPU. Use video splitter to enhance your presentations as well as broadcasting of real-time data. It is ideal for classrooms & training facilities, and remote security monitoring. To ensure the best video integrity, the video splitter has a high bandwidth of 165MHz with up to UXGA 1600x1200 60Hz & HDTV's 1080i and a two level cascade capability that provides for future expansion. Supports digital plasma screen & flat panel, projectors, HD DVD, satellite recievers, set-top boxes and any video display/source with DVI port. Includes power adaptor. Recommended Cables: HSDVIG-xxM Male to Male DVI Cables. Click Here >>>

Click Here for DVI               Click Here for HDMI


USB to Dock Connector
• Charge and Sync Cable
• Great for Apple devices


Premium UltraThin VGA Cable
• 6ft, Triple Shielded
• HD15 Male to Male


Infocus Projector Adaptor
• Converts any projectors with M1 port into DVI-D video port.


HDCP Certified DVI Extender
• Extend you DVI video display up to 100ft.


2-Port DVI Share Switch

• Two PCs can share one video display with non-HDCP DVI port.


• 70-Meter DVI EQ AV Extender.


Outlet Saver AC Power Splitter
• 12 inches, attach two power adaptors per outlet.


Premium Component Cables
• 6ft - 5RCA Audio and Video Combo Kit.


VGA CAT5 Extender Kit
• Extend VGA signals up to 180 meters or 590 feet using the VGA Extender and a category 5 cable.


USB to PS/2 Adaptor
• PS/2 mouse and keyboard to USB port. Color-Coded


Premium VGA/SVGA Cable
• 100ft VGA video cable
• Triple-shielded


250MHz Video Share Switch
• Share A Projector with 2 PC
• Work with any VGA display

Featured Products
10ft IEEE1394b FireWire800/i.Link Bilingual 9Pin to 9Pin Black Cable
This cable connects any computer with a 9pin FireWire800 port to any Firewire800 device with a 9pin port such as digital video camcorders and storage devices. This premium cable is IEEE1394b compliant and tested to support 800Mbps. (Connectors: Bilingual 9Pin Male to Male; Length: 10ft; Color: Black) Request for Quote

List Price: $31.95
Your Low Price: $16.00

Professional Digital Volt Meter
Ideal for professional computer technician. Made of heavy duty PVC enclosure, it has 3.5inch LCD with a maximum reading of 1999, audible continuity & diode test, low battery indicator, overload protection and single rotary switch operation. Includes test leads. (Specifications: DCV: 0 - 200m - 2 - 20 - 200 0.5% - 600V 0.8 / ACV: 0 - 200V - 600V 1.2% / DCA: 0 - 200u - 2m - 20m 1.0% - 200mA 1.5% - 10A 3.0% / R: 0 - 200 - 2k - 20k - 200k 0.8% - 20Mohm 1.0% / Diode: Open Circuit 3.0V/0.8mA / Batt: 1.5V AA, 9V / Size: 2.6inch x 5.7inch x 1.5inch / Weight: 0.64lbs) Request for Quote

List Price: $34.95
Your Low Price: $29.71

HPGL Compatible Serial RS232 Plotter Buffer
This RS232 serial printer & plotter buffer provides 256KB of memory to store print jobs and allows hi-speed transmission up to 19200bps. It is compatible with HPGL, hardware handshaking & auto form feed adjustment. Includes power adaptor. (Connector: Input - DB25 Female; Output - DB25 Male) Request for Quote

List Price: $318.00
Your Low Price: $190.00

35ft Parallel IEEE1284 Compatible Bi-directional Printer Cable
Connects a computer to any parallel printer with centronics36. Supports all parallel printers including IEEE1284, Bi-tronics and centronics. This cable has matched impedance, PVC jacket, molded ends with thumbscrews and inner hood soldered 360 degrees to the connector for complete end to end shielding. Pin-Out: 1-1 / 2-2 / 3-3 / 4-4 / 5-5 / 6-6 / 7-7 / 8-8 / 9-9 / 10-10 / 11-11 / 12-12 / 13-13 / 14-14 / 15-32 / 16-31 / 17-36 / 18-19 / 19-20,21 / 20-22,23 / 21-24,25 / 22-26,27 / 23-29 / 24-28 / 25-30 / Shield-Shield. (Connectors: DB25 Male to Cen36 Male; Length: 35ft) Request for Quote

List Price: $36.80
Your Low Price: $31.28

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26inch UltraSCSI HPDB68 (MicroD68) Dual Drives Ribbon Cable
Connect two internal UltraSCSI CD/DVD or hard drives to SCSI controller. This cable has PVC coated wiring to allow maximum speed. (Connectors: 3 HPDB68 Male - 0inch, 18inch, 26inch) Request for Quote

List Price: $8.50
Your Low Price: $4.25

35ft HDTV 5RCA Premium Component Audio & Video Combo Cable Kit
Connects any DVD, TV/HDTV, VCR's, receivers and other home theater devices with component audio & video connectors. This premium cable has braid shielding with translucent smoke-colored jacket to prevent electrical interference and shielded coax conductors to provide accurate high definition video component connections. It has molded, Red & White for Audio, and Red, Green & Blue for Video color-coded with gold-plated connectors. It is RoHS compliant. (Connectors: 5-RCA Male to Male; Length: 35ft; Color: Smoke) Request for Quote

List Price: $93.50
Your Low Price: $46.55

15ft IEEE1394b FireWire800/i.Link 9Pin to 4Pin A/V Black Cable
This cable connects any computer with a 9pin FireWire800 port to any Firewire device with a 4pin port such as digital video camcorders. This premium cable is IEEE1394b compliant. (Connectors: 9Pin Male to 4Pin Male; Length: 15ft; Color: Black) Request for Quote

List Price: $32.00
Your Low Price: $16.00

50ft High Performance UltraThin VGA/UXGA HDTV/HD15 Tri-Shield Fully-Wired Cable with Panel-Mountable Connectors
Connects any VGA/QXGA video to any computer, switch or splitter with HD15 female port. Supports all monitors including LCD/LED display, CAD, graphic workstations and HDTV with PC/VGA port. It is fully-wired for maximum compatibility with both PC and HDTV applications. UltraThin diameter provides space-saving design and flexibility not found on regular VGA cables. Interchangeable mounting allows you to replace the thumbscrews with included stand-off screws and can be mounted on a face plate or wall plate. Perfect for use where in-wall cabling and wall-plates are used. (Connectors: HD15 Male to Male; Length: 50ft) Request for Quote

List Price: $55.95
Your Low Price: $47.56

15ft Premium DVI Male to Male Digital Flat Panel Cable
Connects any DVI digital flat panel or projector to any computer, switch or splitter with DVI. This premium cable supports both single and dual link high speed DVI signals, has double shielding for maximum graphics performance and prevents signal loss & screen ghosting. Support maximum video performance up to 2560x1600/60Hz. This cable has matched impedance, PVC jacket, molded ends with thumbscrews and inner hood soldered 360 degrees to the connector for complete end to end shielding. (Connectors: Dual Link DVI Male to Male; Length: 15ft) Request for Quote

List Price: $32.95
Your Low Price: $16.25

2Port DSL Line Filter with Phone Jack
This DSL line conditioner/filter connects directly between the wall jack & voice device to eliminate electrical noise coming from the DSL line that interferes with telephone equipment. Provides unfiltered DSL and filtered phone jacks. (Connectors: 1 RJ11 Male to 2 RJ11 Female; Filtered Lines: Pin# 3 & 4) Request for Quote

List Price: $18.50
Your Low Price: $15.73

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